THE SECRET ROOM – Transit (mini) 2024

Transit (mini) Festival 2024


27 July (arrival) -3 August (departure) 2024

Transit (mini) Festival 2024 From 27th July to 3rd August 2024 a seven-day Transit (mini) Festival will take place at Stendis Lejren, Vinderup, Denmark. The programme includes performances, workshops, meetings and the possibility to develop work-in-progress shared by 20 international participants and the invited artists. The process will concentrate on small details and overall visions taking advantage of the privilege of spending time together. The rigour of the craft will lead the way.

The title “The Secret Room – Theatre Women Poetry” is the framework to enter the inner space of motivation for a creative process. The poetic and intuitive logic of imagination accompanies the practical steps towards results that should allow spectators to inhabit their own secret rooms. Participants and invited artists will confront the relationship between hidden stories, references and starting points, and the perceptible stage presence and dramaturgical structures.

Poetry introduces an essential and synthetic exchange through rhyme, music, words, composition and actions to open vast horizons of possible interpretation. Communication is established not necessarily through understanding, but through images, associations, sensations, revelations, curiosity and amazement.

Julia Varley