Our next moves are together

Next Moves Panel

“Together” was one of the words most uttered during the Next Moves Panel, which took place on Sunday 6th March, at Kulturzentrum LUISE. Whatever next moves we make, we want to make them together!

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After a welcome from Marianne Kjaer Klausen, the five panelists were introduced by Helen Varley Jamieson. Along with the Next Moves residency artists Eva Ursprung and Sara Larsdotter Hallqvist, there was theatre director Christine Umpfenbach, theatre scholar Sabine Sörgel and visual and performance artist Raquel Ro. Each made a short presentation about her  perspective on the topic “Next Moves”, in the current context of war and pandemic as well as in relation to their own artistic practice and research.

Frequent words or phrases as well as “together” were privilege, feminism, ideas around the giving and taking of space, how to have meaningful encounters, indigenous practices, the inter-connection of current crises, and the idea of possibility. The role of artists and the arts was discussed, as being a way to turn things around and see from other perspectives, as well as to demonstrate other ways of thinking and being. An artist in the audience spoke about making the decision to work only with recycled materials, as a way to be more sustainable. Another audience member highlighted the crisis of biodiversity and the environment, that has been sidelined as the war and pandemic dominate mainstream media.

Conclusions from the discussion included the need to work together, to remain calm and flexible, adapting to change and possibilities. Many expressed our privilege and the need to use it to give space and voice to others, to look for opportunities for meaningful encounter, and to listen to indigenous people, feminists and stories from history that can help guide our next steps together.